Various sublibraries from ICCB and FDA approved chemical compounds can be screened on the DMA.

Compound Screening

1 - 100 cells per experiment - suitable for primary, iPS or other rare cell types

Miniaturized Cell Assays

Easily adaptable to different nano liquid dispensers to perform powerful cell screening.

Nano Dispensing

Our Mission

With the increasing importance of life science research in many medical areas, new challenges arise. Since reagents and other resources are limited, more efficient workflows and screenings are key for enhanced and novel workflows.

We at Aquarray aim to pave the way by taking miniaturization to a new level with our groundbreaking technology – the Droplet Microarray!


The Future Looks Micro

For several decades, microplates have been the tool of choice in laboratories all over the world. Now, their miniaturization has reached its limit and so, for reasons of applicability, resource availability and costs, a new technology is needed to further miniaturize assays.

With the DMA, Aquarray provides a decisive technology to realize this intent – specifically one that is designed to work with standard laboratory equipment!


Your All-In-One Solution

The miniaturization of the DMA opens doors to experiments that were not able to be performed before. As a result, new approaches to fight cancer and other diseases can be taken into consideration.

The planar glass surface enables various applications, such as mass-spectrometry, unified on-chip synthesis and many more – all covered with one single tool!


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