Droplet Microarrays are
transparent and completely
planar arrays consisting of
hydrophilic spots separated
by superhydrophobic barriers based on Aquarray’s patented technology


Transparent two-dimensional array format –
no auto-fluorescence

High throughput: 588-6048 spots
per array of 21 mm x 72 mm format
Custom array design possible
Low cell numbers: 1-300 cells per spot
Controllable culturing volumes:
5 to 250 nL per spot
Compatibility with both 2D and 3D cell
culture models

■ Compatibility with aqueous and organic liquids*
■ Conductive, UV-Vis-transparent and IR-reflective surface properties*
Compatibility with SBS (SLAS/ANSI)
standard spacing between spots
Compatibility with existing equipment
for cell-based screening

*depending on substrate type

Adherent and suspension cell lines of any tissue
and species
Primary cells, iPSCs and stem cells
3D cell culture models, arrays of spheroids and scaffolds

Compound screenings
Transfection-based assays
Microscopy & High Content Screening
Fluorescent- and colorimetric-based assays
Biochemical assays

Cell incubators
Light, fluorescence and confocal microscopes
Standard protocols for staining, fixation
and immunofluorescence
Non-contact dispensers for cells, compounds
and reagents: Scienion, LabCyte, CELLINK, Dispendix,
Gyger, Biofluidix, Formulatrix, BioDot, Cytena
Fluorescence scanners
SBS (SLAS/ANSI) foot print 

384 well Microtiter Plate



  • 30.000 nL
    Reagent Volume / well 
  • 5.000 - 20.000
    Cell Number / well
  • 10.000 pMole
    Compound / well
  • 127 mm x 85 mm

Droplet Microarray

588 - 6048

(adaptable on demand)
  • 100 -150 nL
    Reagent Volume / spot
  • 50 - 300
    Cell Number / spot
  • 30 pMole
    Compound / spot
  • 75,6 mm x 25 mm