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With the “Droplet Microarray” (DMA), we enable yet with micro titer plates unaffordable screening of precious, expensive and limited cells and / or compounds or even unified on-chip synthesis, characterization and biological screening.

Our offer for you are flexible and customized formats, coatings and functionalized surfaces to best meet your needs.

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The DMA-Slide is a planar glass substrate with a modified coating that contains an array of miniaturized and seperated droplets. It can be used in various applications like cell screening, protein screening, drug screening and similar expereiments.

You can choose between different subtrates, coating types and patterns.


DMA-Plate One

The DMA-Plate-One is a microplate-sized consumable that holds a DMA-Slide. It is compatible with standard lab equipment, which makes it the perfect tool for an automated process.

You can choose between different subtrates, coating types and patterns.



Upgrade your workflow now with the I.DOT MINI AQ-Edition! This contactless nano-liter dispenser is precisely adapted to the technology of the Droplet Microarray, allowing you to directly address individual droplets on the DMA in a miniaturized and high-throughput format.



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