Nanoliter dispenser specially adapted for the use with our Droplet Microarrays!


Specialized for the DMA

The I.DOT MINI AQ-Edition is a contactless nanoliter dispenser which allows you to directly address individual droplets on the DMA in a miniaturized and high-throughput format. The device uses Aquarray's DMA-technology as platform to realize ultra-high throughput campaigns on large chemical libraries.

The Embodiment Of Versatility

On basis of the DMA, both, biochemical and cell-based screening, can be realized. Cell-based approaches include the screening on adherent cell-lines in 2D cell culture, suspension cell lines in the liquid phase or 3D hydrogels, stem cells as well as primary cells to study cell proliferation or changes in the cell phenotype.

The integration into a customer’s screening workflow is individually addressed based on the established protocols and read-out methods and in compliance with lab-automation standards such as ANSI/SLAS.