‘Cells-to-cDNA on Chip’: Phenotypic assessment and gene expression analysis from live cells innanoliter volumes using droplet microarrays  

Dr.S. Chakraborty, C. Luchena, J. J. Elton, Prof. Dr. P. A. Levkin and Dr. A. A. Popova

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Droplet microarrays for cell culture: effect of surface properties and nanoliter culture volume on global transcriptomic landscape  

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Controlling Geometry and Flow Through Bacterial Bridges on Patterned Lubricant-Infused Surfaces (pLIS)

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A combined high-throughput and high-content platform for unified on-chip synthesis, characterization and biological screening

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Assembly of Multi-Spheroid Cellular Architectures by Programmable Droplet Merging

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Fast Nanoliter-Scale Cell Assays Using Droplet Microarray–Mass Spectrometry Imaging

Carina RamalloGuevara, Dorothea Paulssen, Anna A. Popova, Carsten Hopf, Pavel A. Levkin

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Miniaturized Drug Sensitivity and Resistance Test on Patient-Derived Cells Using Droplet-Microarray

Anna A. Popova, Sascha Dietrich, Wolfgang Huber, Markus Reischl, Ravindra Peravali, Pavel A. Levkin 

SLAS TECHNOLOGY: Translating Life Sciences Innovation 26 (3), August 13, 2020, 274-286   

Droplet‐Microarray: Miniaturized Platform for High‐Throughput Screening of Antimicrobial

Wenxi Lei, Konstantin Demir, Joerg Overhage, Michael Grunze, Thomas Schwarz, Pavel A.Levkin

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Miniaturized high-throughput synthesis and screening of responsive hydrogels using nanoliter compartments 

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High‐Throughput Screening of Cell Transfection Enhancers Using Miniaturized Droplet Microarrays

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Nanomolar Synthesis in Droplet Microarrays with UV-triggered On-Chip Cell Screening

M Brehm, S Heissler, S Afonin, PA Levkin

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Solid-phase combinatorial synthesis using microarrays of microcompartments with light-induced on-chip cell screening

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Marrying chemistry with biology by combining on-chip solution-based combinatorial synthesis and cellular screening

Maximilian Benz, Mijanur R. Molla, Alexander Böser, Alisa Rosenfeld, Pavel A. Levkin

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Facile One Step Formation and Screening of Tumor Spheroids Using Droplet-Microarray Platform

Anna A Popova, Tina Tronser, Konstantin Demir, P Haitz, Karolina Kuodyte, Vytaute Starkuviene, Piotr Wajda, Pavel A Levkin

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Fish-microarray: miniaturized platform for single-embryo high-throughput screenings

Anna A. Popova, Daniel Marcato, Ravindra Peravali, Ilona Wehl, Ute Schepers, and Pavel A. Levkin

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Droplet Microarray Based on Patterned Superhydrophobic Surfaces Prevents Stem Cell Differentiation and Enables High-Throughput Stem Cell Screening

Tina Tronser, Anna A Popova, Mona Jaggy, Martin Bastmeyer and Pavel A Levkin

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Biofilm Bridges Forming Structural Networks on Patterned Lubricant-Infused Surfaces 

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Miniaturized platform for high-throughput screening of stem cells

Tina Tronser, Anna A Popova, and Pavel A Levkin

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Volume 46, August 2017, Pages 141–149

Patterned SLIPS for the Formation of Arrays of Biofilm Microclusters with Defined Geometries

Julia Bruchmann, Ivana Pini, Tejeshwar S. Gill, Thomas Schwartz, Pavel A. Levkin
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Droplet Microarray Based on Superhydrophobic-Superhydrophilic Patterns for Single Cell Analysis

Gabriella E. Jogia, Tina Tronser, Anna A. Popova and Pavel A. Levki

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Evaluation of the Droplet-Microarray Platform for High-Throughput Screening of Suspension Cells
Anna A. Popova, Claire Depew, Katya Manuella, Alexander Trubitsyn, Ravindra Peravali, Markus Reischl, and Pavel A. Levkin

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Superhydrophilic–Superhydrophobic Patterned Surfaces as High-Density Cell Microarrays: Optimization of Reverse Transfection

Erica Ueda, Wenqian Feng, and Pavel A. Levkin

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Fabrication of Hydrogel Particles of Defined Shapes Using Superhydrophobic-Hydrophilic Micropatterns 

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Droplet-Microarray on Superhydrophobic-Superhydrophilic Patterns for High- Throughput Live Cell Screenings

A. A. Popova, K. Demir, T. G. Hartanto, E. Schmitt and P. A. Levkin

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Droplet-Array (DA) Sandwich Chip: A Versatile Platform for High-Throughput Cell Screening Based on Superhydrophobic–Superhydrophilic Micropatterning

Anna A. Popova, Sebastian M. Schillo, Konstantin Demir, Erica Ueda, A. Nesterov-Mueller and Pavel A. Levkin

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