High-quality accessories to further improve and faciliate your experience with the DMA.


Humidifying Buffer InQ Classic 100mL


This buffer is optmized to create a humid environtment that prevents evaporation of droplets on the DMA-Slides.

Humidifying Pads

AQP-0002 / AQP-0003

To keep a stably humid environment, the Humidifying Pads can be wetted with the Humidifying Buffer InQClassic. The pads attach themselves to the lid of either a cell culture dish (AQP-0002), in which you incubate the DMA Slide, or in the lid of the DMA-Plate-One (AQP-0003).


DMA-Slide Adaptor

AQP-0005 / AQP-0009

Many liquid dispensers cannot hold microscopy glass slides. The DMA-Slide Adaptor can hold up to four DMA-Slides and enables liquid handling with many devices. For the use of the Echo Liquid Handler from Beckmann we recommend the adaptor AQP-0009.

Spheroid Table


An easy way to creae and cultivate spheroids is the hanging droplet method. The Spheroid Table is the perfect tool to cultivate your DMA-Slide upside-down, creating an array of hanging droplets.