Dispenser Technology presented: M2-Automation

The miniaturization of biological or biochemical assays leads to an increase in throughput and a reduction in scarce materials and costs. Aquarray's DMA consists of hydrophilic areas enclosed by a superhydrophobic surface, allowing precise control over the size, shape and placement of dispensed microdroplets. On contact, the liquid is naturally drawn into the hydrophilic area. Droplet migration is prevented by local differences in wettability. The geometry of the spot, whether circular or rectangular, is determined by the surface design and not by the interaction between the liquid and the wetted surface.


The transition to miniaturized systems such as DMA technology requires reliable dispensing systems.

M2-Automation offers solutions for precise and accurate ultra-low liquid handling applications in the picoliter to microliter volume range, making it a versatile tool for loading and optional washing of DMAs. Both contact and non-contact dispensers are available, suitable for high sample throughput, enabling applications such as array printing, DNA and protein microarray spotting, biochip functionalization, diagnostic membranes and more. The ability to customize the dispenser further increases its versatility.

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Key features of the nanoliter dispenser

·       Single drop volume 10 nL to 5 µL

·       Dispensing frequency of up to 50 Hz

·       Volume accuracy, CV 2 % to 5 %

·       Bulk dispensing or aspiration/dispensing types

·       Glass capillary or disposable plastic tip

·       Quick change between the different dispensers


The M2-MicroDispenser covers the entire range of single drop volumes, from 10 nanoliters to 5 microliters. Instead of dispensing several smaller drops for nanoliter volumes, the dispenser can dispense one larger drop. The advantages of dispensing a larger drop are a lower risk of splashing (satellite drops) and a higher dispensing speed. The software of the M2-Automation devices offers a highly flexible and easy-to-use target design.

With these features, the M2-MicroDispenser is a perfect solution for dispensing applications on the DMAs. The device can dispense compounds, cells, biomolecules and even suspensions of small, solid particles in a very short time.