Personalized Medicine: Drug Sensitivity and Resistance Tests

The field of personalized medicine is rapidly developing area, where the individual treatment of patient are facilitated by analyzing patient material in order to come up with individual treatment. A lot of progress has been done in the field of personal omics profiling. However, it is not always possible to predict the outcome of the treatment based on the data obtained in omics profiling. Direct testing of patient cells with panels of drugs and their combinations is gaining popularity. One of the example is drug sensitivity and resistant testing, where tumor cells from patient biopsies are tested against the combination of anti-neoplastic drugs. The main limitation of this test is restricted amount of patient material, which is often not enough for performing big screens. Droplet-Microarray offers a solution for screenings of minute amount of cells at the same time providing high throughput allowing for more drugs and combinations to be tested on a single patient biopsy.