Aquarray solutions are characterized by a high degree of miniaturization, straight-forward application and compatibility with established experimental workflows, lab-automation standards and read-out protocols.

Due to the miniaturized format, the DMA platform allows experiments on very low cell volumes, which is in particular relevant for stem cell research and applications based on primary cells directly derived from a patient. The DMA platform saves approximately 95% of substrate costs in comparison to 384 micro titer plate standards and therefore is an attractive alternative for customers in biological screening (HTS) to achieve higher throughputs while lowering the costs per screening experiment.

Aqueous liquids such as cell suspension are being dispensed into several thousand individually separated micro-compartments in one step without pipetting, but by utilizing the functional surface features of the DMA. Processing steps like washing, staining, fixation, mixing and plate to plate transfer are easily realized by Aquarray specialized equipment which are compatible with common bio assay workflows and lab-automation standards.

The DMA platform can be used to produce hydrogel matrices as well as 2D and 3D cell cultures.